Course Evaluations

SRT Reports

Staff will distribute Student Rating of Teaching forms at the start of the data collection window as determined by the Office of Measurement Services. Instructors must distribute SRTs on or before the last day of class. 

Staff will send completed paper SRTs to OMS within 10 business days of receipt. OMS reports are typically released within 21 business days of OMS processing the reports, at which point the paper evaluations will also be returned to the department and distributed to instructor mailboxes.  Please note that the absolute earliest evaluations and reports can be shared with instructors is after the due date for grades. 

When reports become available, instructors will receive an email from OMS ( with a link to view their individual report.  

TA Evaluations

TA evaluations follow the same timeline as SRTs. They are distributed with SRTs to the instructor of the course and should be returned with the completed SRTs. They will be processed and retained by staff until paper SRTs are returned by OMS, at which point they will be distributed to TA mailboxes in 1269 Social Sciences.