Make-up Exams

Whether instructors or TAs are providing the make up exams to undergraduate students, these need to be proctored and in a space other than the Political Science Student Computer Lab.

Becky Mooney, Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising, will offer proctored make-up exams for final exams at the end of both Fall and Spring terms. Instructors should plan to alert Becky if a student needs to attend the make-up exam date and should remember to give Becky the make-up exam to administer.

For make-up exams:

  1. The POL Lab may no longer be used for undergraduate make-up exams. Exams may be proctored in any number of spaces in the department.
  2. Email Sara Flannery at to schedule a space for the exam.
  3. See Policy on Make-up Work for Legitimate Absences.
  4. All exams should be proctored by an Instructor or TA of the course. If necessary, a staff member can step in for an emergency.

Make-up Exam Spaces:

  • Instructor's office
  • 736 Social Science (Efimenco)
  • 1314 Social Science (Lippincott)
  • 1450 Social Science (Lounge)