PoLab Printing

Any questions about graduate student printing can be directed to Sara Flannery (flann091@umn.edu).

The Managed Printing system in the POLab charges 3 cents per printed page. The department provides graduate students with initial Gopher GOLD balances on their U-cards (see below). Once the balances have been used, students will need to add their own funds to their Gopher GOLD accounts.

Annual Gopher GOLD printing allotment by graduate student cohort:

  • 1st year - 7000 pages ($210)
  • 2nd year - 4000 pages ($120)
  • 3rd year - 3000 pages ($90)
  • 4th year and beyond - (2000 pages ($60)

Graduate students should use the POLab printer for printing course readings/materials.

Any printing related to TA/RA/Teaching responsibilities should be done at the dedicated computer in 1414 Social Science Building.