McMillan or CLA Travel Awards

The department receives annual funding from the College to support faculty travel and research.  CLA Travel Awards and McMillan Travel Awards provide funding for the same purpose (faculty travel and research), and the different names simply reflect the different sources of that funding.  Only one source of funding has been used per year.

A call for proposals will be issued each fall semester, to be reviewed and approved by the Merit Advisory Committee (MAC).  To apply for a portion of the funds, a detailed request (including budget and outline of how funds will be used) is required.

Some items to note:

  • There are no set criteria or priorities for these awards, and previous MACs have approved a variety of research and travel requests: field work, conference attendance, etc.  
  • The amount of funding available is usually enough to support large projects.  However, MAC may approve only partial funding for a project.
  • A faculty member's current available research funds will be taken into consideration.  If you would like the MAC to disregard these funds when making their decision, please include an explanation as to why in your proposal outline.
  • If funding still remains after the fall semester round of approvals, another call for proposals will be issued in spring semester.  However, it is strongly encouraged to submit requests for the full academic year during the fall semester.