Copy and Scan Requests

Internal Department Requests


  • Faculty can submit an online Copy & Scan Request Form for instructional or research purposes. Leave the book or document with staff at the front desk. 
  • Office staff will complete all requests within a timely manner and return the scanned or copied item to the faculty member's mailbox.
  • Consider using Printing Services for large jobs. Printing Services accepts online or in-person submissions at any copy center on campus.

Graduate Students

  • Graduate students are only allowed to make copy or scan requests of staff if they are instructing a course.
  • Graduate students can use the book scanner in the PoLab to prepare readings for courses that they are TAing.
  • Graduate students are only allowed to make copies on the Canon printer for instructional purposes and if they are instructing or TAing a course. All other copy requests should be sent to the Coffman Union Digital Print Center, [email protected].

Library Requests

University Libraries Digital Delivery

The University Libraries offer digital delivery of materials needed for course work and scholarly research, including: 

  • Materials not currently available within the University of Minnesota Libraries.
  • Digital copies of articles and book chapters from their print and microform collections.

These services are free for currently-affiliated University students, faculty, and staff. To make a request, complete the Inter-Library Loan & Digital Delivery form.

  • Average digital article and chapter fulfillment is 3 to 7 days.
  • Average physical item fulfillment is 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Scans of articles and book chapters expire after 30 days, but can be downloaded to your computer in order to maintain access to the pdF.
  • Course Reserves is the recommended solution for scanning requests related to a course.